Five Reasons You Should Use Organic Shampoo

natrual shampoo

Natural shampoo

The best organic shampoo will never hurt your hair and will never accumulate in your body. The awesome thing about organic shampoo is that it is gentle and safe for you, but it is also great for mother nature. As long as you go green, there is no reason to use chemical-laden hair care products that can harm you and the environment.

Do you know that regular shampoo have ingredients that’s called sulphates, also known as, SLS. SLS are harsh chemicals which are also used in dish washing detergent. I know you don’t want to put dish washing soap on your hair, so why use these harsh shampoo.

Aside from that, here are the top five reasons you should use organic shampoo.

Top Five Reason Why You Should Use Organic Shampoo

1. Once you stop using harsh shampoo, you will be able to revive the natural protection and health of your hair. Since harsh chemicals kills your hair’s own natural oils, using natural shampoo will hydrate your hair even more.

2. Using harsh chemicals is not good for our body in general. I don’t believe that SLS can cause cancer, but there are studies that prove this chemical accumulates in the body. Nothing good can come out of that because SLS is still an irritant. You don’t want to use that on your hair or your children’s hair.

3. Most natural shampoos are made from USDA approved ingredients. This means they are not just gentle but they are also safe to use. In addition, most organic shampoos are not animal tested, which makes it very green and eco-friendly.

4. Many types of natural shampoo are effective in preventing shedding. It’s just natural for moisture rich hair care shampoo with anti-bacterial properties to be friendly to the scalp. Ingredients like Jojoba hydrates the hair and scalp, while Tea Tree oil cleans the hair from bacteria and prevents scalp inflammation.

5. Natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut oil are known to promote hair growth. As these natural ingredients soothe the scalp, they also strengthen individual hair strands in order to give you strong and healthy hair.

At the End of the Day – Conclusion


Read the label

It is only natural to take care of yourself without being vain. This is just basic hygiene. Whatever works for you may not for other people. However, products with proven track records should be studied and at least tried.

Natural shampoo has been around for a few years now. The technology behind it has improved tremendously. When one time these hair care products are considered homeopathic, it is now proven science that they really do help improve your hair and scalp gently, the way nature intended.

Knowing that, you need to be very careful of products claiming that they are 100% organic, botanical, or all natural. Read the label of the product and look for any harmful chemicals. Unfortunately, there are a few products out there today that claim to be natural when in fact they have harsh chemicals in them.