Use Conditioner Before Shampoo for Better Hair

organic shampoo

Organic shampoo does not lather well but is still effective

Growing up we were always taught to lather, rinse, and repeat. However, some people in this day and age are bucking the trend by conditioning first before cleansing the hair with shampoo.

What’s the reason for this? Are there any significant advantages?

The quick answer is–Yes. Continue to read this article and I’ll give you the facts straight.

My aim is that after reading this article you will also condition your hair before washing with shampoo. Doing so yields a whole lot of benefits and can make your hair healthy, strong, and manageable.

All that just by using inexpensive chemical free shampoo and conditioner.

Why fix it when it ain’t broke?

Some people will not be surprised by the concept of using conditioner first before shampoo. It’s not really an earth shattering concept.

The reason why we find it hard to accept this concept is that we are creatures of habit and we tend to have a hard time creating new habits even if it benefits us.

Conditioning before shampoo is greatly beneficial for people with fine, oily hair. Doing it the conventional way will still leave your roots oil and your tips dry and damaged.

When our hair care routine does not satisfy us. We tend to re-apply shampoo and conditioner many times in one shower.

This is not a possibility for busy people with busy schedules.

So, if you want a good solution to this oily problem, using conditioner first before washing with shampoo is the best habit to form.

The top 3 benefits of reverse washing

natural shampoo

Reverse washing is an effective technique

Without further ado, allow me to show you the benefits of “reverse washing” and hopefully I can convince you to do it yourself.

1. When applying conditioner first, you’ll have softer hair. Hence, the conditioner prevents excessive hair tangles before cleansing.

This reverse technique allows you to have tangle-free and manageable hair before you shampoo.

2. Using the reverse washing you will be able to nourish and hydrate your hair first. This makes it stronger and healthier before you shampoo.

This technique helps strengthen your hair before washing with clarifying shampoo. Therefore the clarifying shampoo will minimize stripping your hair and scalp of its essential oil.

3. Conditioners help detangle and soften hair. Thus, using the reverse washing technique will prevent breakages.

People with thinning or fine hair types should use reverse washing to minimize shedding and breakage.

The quick way to use reverse washing

Below are the 4 steps to help you get started right away with reverse washing.

1. Wet your hair thoroughly and then apply conditioner first.
2. Leave the conditioner on your hair and scalp for a few minutes then rinse.
3. Shampoo your hair.
4. Rinse your hair of the conditioner and shampoo again.

People who do reverse washing claims their hair was glossier, fuller looking and frizz-free.

The Proper Shampoo and Conditioner Will Go a Long Way

Doing reverse washing is great. But doing reverse washing using chemical free shampoo is even better.

Daily use is safe when using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. In addition, you don’t have to deal with harsh chemicals or accumulating harmful substances in your body.

Read the label of your shampoo properly. Use only all natural ingredients in your shampoo.

Don’t be fooled by regular shampoo masquerading as organic. Do your research by reading articles like this.

Using 100% natural shampoo and conditioner will make your hair stronger, livelier, fuller, and manageable.


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