Organic Shampoo: The Benefits, How to Use it Properly and What Shampoo to Use for Your Hair Type

organic shampoo for oily hair

Organic shampoo can fix dry hair

The popularity of organic hair care products has been increasing in the recent past. Many people have heard about natural shampoo but few have made efforts to find out how they can benefit from using it. In the same way you prevent toxic chemicals from getting into your body, you should try all you can to make sure that your hair is kept free of toxic chemicals. This article will focus on the benefits of using organic hair shampoos, how to correctly use them and selecting the best for your hair type.

They are devoid of any chemicals

The biggest advantage of using these shampoos is that you will not be applying any toxic chemicals on your hair. They have been made using purely natural ingredients. The implication of this is that you will not be harming your hair and skin in any way. A majority of chemicals used in conventional hair care products have been known to lead to hair loss and, to a lesser degree, certain forms of skin cancers. In addition, by using organic hair care shampoo, you will be playing your role in helping protect the environment.

They restore the health of your scalp

In addition to keeping your hair free of toxic compounds, these shampoos contain ingredients that have scalp healing, conditioning and restoration effects. It is for this reason that many people who have been using traditional shampoos and are experiencing scalp issues are told to switch to the organic ones. One of the ingredients of the organic variety is Beta Glucan. This compound has been scientifically proven to soothe and heal inflamed scalps and very beneficial to people who have a sensitive skin. This is another advantage of using 100% natural shampoo.

They strengthen hair and increase its growth

The other big advantage of using these shampoos is that they have additional natural ingredients that lead to stronger hair. The nutrients contained in these shampoos are absorbed by the scalp and once under the skin are utilized to strengthen the hair. The end result of this is stronger hair.

This is beneficial in that if you have strong hair strands, you will not have any issues with hair loss when combing or blow drying your hair. To make it even better, you will look great and enjoy increased confidence.

How to correctly use organic shampoos

The use of these shampoos is pretty straight forward as you will see below.

The very first thing you will need to do is to wet your hair. This will make it easy for the shampoo to work. You can use cold or warm water according to your preference. As you wet the hair, massage the scalp as this will increase blood flow to the scalp and help in cleaning.

After the massaging, you can now add shampoo to your hair. It is important that you understand at this juncture that your hair does not need a lot of applications. Two applications will do the job. In the event that you notice that the first organic shampoo application has not lathered well, rinse your hair and apply shampoo once again.

Once it has lathered, use the fingertips, never the nails, to massage both the hair and the scalp.

Avoid using combs at this stage as it will weaken the hair and lead to hair loss. After massaging the shampooed hair for about 2 minutes, let the shampoo rest on your head for about 5 minutes.

Rinse completely with warm or cold water to make sure that no shampoo has been left behind.

After the rinsing is done, all that is left is for you to dry your hair using a good towel and apply a conditioner. To balance everything, make sure that you are using an organic conditioner. It doesn’t make sense to use mix organic and traditional hair care products. You are then free to style of blow dry your hair.

How to pick the best shampoo for your hair type

If you are to enjoy the benefits described above, you will have to start with finding the right shampoo for your hair type.

For normal hair

In the event that you have normal hair, you will want a botanical shampoo that will serve the functions of strengthening, detangles, nourishes and smoothes your hair. Look for a shampoo that has been designed for use on all hair types and you will be good to go. The beauty of the shampoo is that it will not strip your hair of the moisture and natural oil content that keeps it smooth and glossy.

Colored hair

If you have color treated your hair, you want to make sure that the shampoo you buy will only perform cleaning functions as well as moisturizing your hair and scalp. There are shampoos in the organic class that have been made for use with color treated hair and you should make sure that you buy them. They will leave your hair clean and will not strip off the color.

Curly hair

best organic shampoo for curly hair

Curly hair needs special treatment

If you have curly hair, you want a shampoo that will restore the curls and leave your hair bouncy and full. Organic shampoos designed for use with curly hair add the natural oil content of your hair strands to make sure that your hair never dries out. With the strands well oiled, they relax and the curls form leaving your hair curly as you love it.

Dry hair

Dry hair is very sensitive as it breaks very easy even when combed gently. If you have this hair type, the main ability you are looking for in the best all natural shampoo in the market is moisturizing. This shampoo should have a high natural oil content to keep both your scalp and hair strands well moisturized. The natural oil softens your hair making it possible to comb it without breakage. Additional nutrients in the shampoo lead to hair health and this goes a long way in helping you keep your dry hair in good glossy and healthy condition at all times.



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